Meeting Information Feb 2010

We are sending a package to our troops deployed in Afghanistan. This  package will include

1.  Fabric postcards. The theme is Red & White …use your imagination.                                                                    If you have not made  a fabric postcard, click the  link for instructions. This is just an example of the many sites available.  An internet search will give you many pages of links. Before you buy a ‘stiffener’ ( like Timtex) contact another member,  many  of us have more than we will use in a life time. 

2.  We will fill  a “We Care” box. Suggestions for items:  toiletries (for ladies and gents)  food stuffs  like candy/cereal bars, dry soups,(think foods that are reconstituted) tisanes, gum,  magazines,Tim H. coupons and any other appropriate item(s) that you may think of. No Perishables

Also at this meeting the programme committee invites you to

View the RED & WHITE postcards.

 Wear something red.

 Drink tea, munch on treats. (Make life easier for all and bring your own cup.)

Participate in a Silent Auction. If you have done the usual New Year tidy-up and  now have  a pile of sewing related  items languishing about consider bringing them for this auction. We also like plants,  pies and preserves. Two things to remember….

1.  one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

2.  If no one buys it you take it home again….to avoid doing this think presentation. :)

See you there,  Thursday Feb. 18th 1:30 


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2 responses to “Meeting Information Feb 2010

  1. Helen K.

    Gudrun, you’ve done a wonderful job! It looks just great. Thank-you so much for the thimble article, although I’m not so sure I want “collection competition”! They really are lovely, aren’t they?
    It’s the perfect place to remind us all what’s coming up and what we need to do. We’ll hardly need a newsletter. My only suggestion would be to also include the date, time and projects of Quilt Time. It could do with a boost.
    Thanks again for a great site.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. Yes Quilt time…soon.

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