Georgian Quilters’ meeting  on Jan 21/10 showcased  ‘Thimbles’.   Helen K. presented a slide show, sharing her knowledge and  stories about collecting them.  She also brought along a portion of her collection for ‘up close’ viewing.  They are wonderful little works of art.

Helen is a hand quilter, and came to the world of thimbles by need. I was completely charmed by these beauties. I can honestly say I  did not have much of an  appreciation for thimbles.  I  thought of them as necessary  evils that make my finger sweat and which I spend too much time looking for as the little things tend to roll off the table and land in some  remote spot. Notice I am using the past tense…  I learned so much and  wanting a thimble collection of my own.  I may have to take up hand quilting in order to have a reason to collect  few of these beauties. Hey…enjoying them is reason enough.  Here are a few pictures of these beauties.

Yes, you guessed right, these  four are made of gold.

The above picture is a little bigger so you can see the filigree. Thimbles may also have their own case.This is just a  very small sample of what Helen showed us. Georgian Quilters thanks you, Helen.

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