June General Annual Meeting

Organizations need meetings and need executive members, unfortunate but true. Organizations need  General meetings to regroup, and of course to eat together. We did all that, and more at our last meeting.  A new group of members is on for the next years’ Executive duties, the previous group was thanked. And I take this opportunity to Thank -you all again…and then we had some fun time.

We had an auction. Of course it is really a redistribution of products, with the redistribution funding going to the Guild….but never mind that.

It’s fun. Lots of fabric some of it wrapped lovingly around boxes of magazines.

Great looking ferns and about the greenest  Solomon’s Seal I have had the pleasure to see, all went to a new home. Well, Ladies that’s another season of meetings…let the summer begin. See you in the Meaford Quilts in the Gardens on July 17th.


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