Community Quilts ~ Work Day

Greetings Ladies,

Feb 10th, is the day of our Community Quilts work day.

Jo T. is going to teach us another scrap busting pattern.  To that end Georgian Quilters needs to Bust the stash that is being held for them, against the wall of my attic. Community Quilts has 6 bins of fabric .  One bin contains squares suitable for ‘textured’ quilts that are enjoyed by Alzheimers  patients.  Two bins are flannel  pieces donated by local seamstresses, and of course quilting cottons and some larger bits for possible backing.

I hope some of you are  ready to ‘get out of the house’ .  It might just be a fun day…. Check back for more details,  and sign up on Thursday.


ps  The collection of fabrics will be  ‘pre-sorted’  for this project.

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