Community Quilts Stash

I thought you might be interested…… a picture of Georgian Quilters stash. The items on the table have been disposed of,
either used in the recent Auction, or (the non quilting fabrics) donated to a learn to sew group. (The box under the table belongs to the cat…in case you are interested.)
I will be re-organizing this. There is still a bit of non-quilting fabric, and the bins are not utilized well. I am thinking I can
at least reduce the pile of the laundry basket. I hope.

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One response to “Community Quilts Stash

  1. Sonja Dyson

    In the stash are there any collections of finished blocks? I am looking for some groupings of finished blocks to use for the April Quilt Time to show setting solutions and sashing ideas. I will then sew them together to add more tops to our collection. Kids prints would be useful as we don’t have as many children’s quilts on hand.

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