The Year Ahead 2011- 2012

In October GQ,  focused on scrap quilts. Many quilters are scared to dive into a bag of scraps and start sewing. For those quilters, there is a technique called a ” planned scrappy”.  It was delightful to have a couple of scrappy quilt lovers,  Lois and Barb, share their many scrap quilts, (there were some very small scraps)  and their resources for ideas and patterns.

This year GQ’s focus is on skill building,  perhaps the need ” use up those scraps”  is a skill some one is going try.

This year GQ’s President has challenged us to


We have a sign up sheet with a number of  skills listed. You may add your own idea to this list.  At the June meeting, there will be a presentation time, where we will see an example of your new/or much improved skill.

Our Mystery Challenge this year also pushes the comfort level. The Co-ordinators of this challenge have stepped back and given a theme,  and said  ‘go to it,  no rules’.

The theme is   “a song”.    A song for inspiration to create a quilt. The Committee  assures members they will not be asked to sing or even hum but  as they will be showing their quilts, and giving a small commentary (artist’s statement), some information about the song will be needed.

So there it is Ladies and Gents, a short synopsis of this year’s challenges.

Next meeting is a Skill Building  Session.  A group of skilled GQ members will be demonstrating a number of techniques.

Get out your sewing machines let the fun begin…..or maybe start humming that song!


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