February 2012 Winter Workday – Jo’s Sinful Quilt

Jo Thatcher shared a “sinfully” easy quilt pattern with us at our February winter workshop day.

The day was well attended and a number of quilt tops were completed which will eventually end up in our stock of Community Quilts.




Easy strip piecing from 6 fat quarters with a bit of a shuffle in between made the blocks which are then arranged however we chose, some with sashing, others without.

A few may say the strip peicing didn’t go so easily, or was that because of the swizzle instead of a shuffle?  Ask Linda and Verna how that turned out.

There are more pictures linked to this post in the “library” but I am still trying to figure out how to “show” them in the post, or to include a link to the folder, but poke around and you might find them.

If you have any pictures of the finished quilts, please send them along to me and I will attach to this post.

Contributed on April 18, 2012 by:  Barb Reynolds 

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  1. OK, I “attached” a number of photos of the day – so check out the photo library – wherever that is!?

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