June 21 General Annual Meeting

Today was our AGM,   AND  the best part of the afternoon (in my opinion) presentation time for the Skill Challenges we worked on this past season.  I took a few pictures of the Skill Challenges….each person talked briefly about what they wanted to learn, how they went about it and if they thought they were successful,  and  then we asked  if they would use the technique again.   Challenges included hand quilting, machine and hand applique, foil work, sashiko, paper piecing,  using a panel, photo transfer, thread painting,  quilted clothing….whew  lots of interesting works.  Some of our work is  in the slide show.  I didn’t get everyones, and some the photography is questionable but it was all good.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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2 responses to “June 21 General Annual Meeting

  1. I am a 3D art quilter who lives on Manitoulin Island. I wonder if I could email someone my workshop brochure and resume?

  2. Irmgard Jacob

    Hi, I am a member of the Alliston Guild, Quilting Corners, and I would like to send you some cards for our 2013 quilt show. Can you please let me know a name and address where I could send them to?
    Thank you.
    Email: irmgardjacob@sympatico.ca

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