GQ Review & What’s New

A list of GQ’s  2012/2013  Executive Members.  Executive is a word to describe the people  that you ” go to”  when you need help or information about anything GQ.  If they don’t know, they will find out for you.  Test them and see.

There are more positions than listed here, but like I said these are the “go to” group.  Their emails and phone numbers are on your membership list.  Last year’s list will have most of these numbers, the new list will be available soon. (to members only and our members do not share this list in any manner)

President : Barb R. /   V.P:   Fran /  Treasurer:  Dawn / Secretary:   Beate /   Librarian:   Jo    /Social:  Marg/        Newsletter:  Denese

Our first meeting had as you know from the previous post lots of place mats, and a great show and tell.

Here is a little slide show to give  a taste of the afternoon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also had the pleasure of having a nearby quilt store show us the latest flavours of this and that as well as demonstrating the various this and thats.

Threads that Bind is a sweet shop in Maxwell, On.  a perfect day trip, and if you check your map it’s not that far to

another great shop in Markdale.  But for now have a look here a

and head down the road to here ,  408016 Highway 4 – Maxwell, Ontario Canada

Phone: 519-922-1010

Next gathering of GQ members is Oct 4th  1 pm. for Quilt Time                                                                                                                     see you there,


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One response to “GQ Review & What’s New

  1. Looks like we’re on the hook now! Hope I’m up to the test 🙂
    Love the slide show Gudrun, you’ll have to show me how to do that.
    Barb R.

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