Quilt Show February 2013

Georgian Quilters is having a quilt show in the North & South Galleries of the Meaford Town Hall for the month of February 2013!

 This is  an exhibit, there will be no judges or juries…..and some quilts will be for sale.  So in an otherwise (normally) white February we bring you “Fabulous Quilted Fabrics in Feb.”

Of course this means GQ members will be eager to have their quilts on display and help with portions of this show.  We are keeping this as simple as we can, there will not be a reception.  Advertising is done by the  Town Hall folks.  So other then hanging and take down expertise all we need is quilts all sizes, all colours, and made with in  the last two years.

More on this later.

Remember Quilt Time is this coming Thursday Dec. 6…..forget the scented hand lotion and hair products and see you there.

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