GQ’s Community Quilts Committee,  has challenged the membership to make a Humbug bag, or a small tote.


These bags will be given to  charitable organizations for distribution at gift giving times. The name of the organizations  is not a secret.  I  don’t have a name at this moment. Life in the 1-800 exchange is turning out to be a colossal waste of time, but there you are,  my excuse.  Suggestions for advancement in this arena appreciated.

This link takes you to a number of pictures and a tutorial for the Humbug bag.

Georgian Quilter  Bonnie H.  provides this link for a tutorial covering zipper installations, as well as a pattern for a small zippered tote bag.

Humbug bag zipper installing is of the simplest variety, don’t be shy.

For members interested in making a tote bag, let us keep it small.  It should measure  6.5 ”  and may be left open or a fastener of your choice applied.  (ie button and hair elastic, velcro, )

I have a pattern available, but you are not limited to this pattern just to this size….6.5″ without straps.

The fabric requirements for the small tote are:

2@ 10 x 17″ (an inner liner, and outer fabric

1@ 6.5 x 8.5″ for inner pocket

2@ 3 x 29″ for handles.

1@ 6.5 X Heavy stabilizer (bag bottom) 

Love to hear from you…comments or questions allowed.

Pattern coming tomorrow.

happy sewing,


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  1. Fantastic tutorial on the humbug bag! Thank you.

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