More on Humbug Bags

Our Bag Challenge`s recipients sent us the following information which I am passing along, so that we all know who we are helping.
(snip) I have spoken to the nurses and if the baby bag is large enough, one or two of the following items could be placed in the baby bag.  This would be a handy travel kit of baby items for the mom.
small unscented vaseline
baby face cloth
baby bib
1-2 baby diapers (size up from newborns)
baby socks (white-good for either sex)
sippy cup
baby board book
Penaten cream
Items to avoid are baby powder and baby oil.
Keystone covers Bruce and Grey Counties with a variety of programs.  Please provide our website to your group, 
This bag would be distributed to the moms in our Healthy Beginnings program, which is a Prenatal Nutrition program. They are young, pregnant moms who have extra stressors in their lives such as finance, life skills, etc.  The nurse-led program teaches the pregnant mom prenatal and postnatal skills, plus they learn proper nutrition while they are pregnant and after baby is born.  They can stay in this program until their babies are 6 months of age.  The goal of the program is to have a healthy baby with a good birth weight.
We run groups throughout Bruce and Grey Counties, with the largest groups in Owen Sound and Hanover.  The Owen Sound group has an average of 15 moms (plus some partners) at each group.  When their babies are born, they rarely receive baby gifts and these bags would be a wonderful gift to present to the baby and mom.   At any given time, there are 30-35 moms in the program.


On a yearly average, we serve 60-75 moms in this program, throughout Bruce and Grey Counties.

(There was a question as to whether we could provide them quilts) 
The baby quilts would also be a treasured gift.  At Christmas, we often try to give the families in the program at that point, some kind of gift.
Thank you for your interest in our program.

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